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An Expediter Printer Is A Great Addition To A Kitchen Video System

When you think of a kitchen video system (KVS) you think of color LCD monitors hanging from the ceiling displaying orders.  You think of how fast the orders are displayed vs. having them printed on remote kitchen printers.  You think of the increased speed of service and increased customer throughput.  You think of all of this and you are right.

What you might not think of is adding a printer to the system to help pack and fill the order.

Customers can be funny about their orders.  They want them right and they want them now.

All too often there is a communication problem between the customer and cashier.  Items are not ordered correctly and the kitchen has no way of making the corrections unless they know about it.  The kitchen is simply going to prepare what comes up on the screens and send the items out as displayed.

The customer is making sure that no items are missing and that everything is prepared according to the way they think they asked.  A printed receipt showing the entire order is a great way to calm their nerves and a great way for your packer to verify the order before it is presented to the customer.

Simply add an expediter printer to the system that prints the entire order for packing.  This simple addition will help greatly with your customer satisfaction as it gives the customer something to grasp onto.  Since you can’t hand them one of your monitors a printed receipt with their order on it will go a long way toward overall customer satisfaction.


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